Chain Reaction – how community art projects can spark joy


with Skipton Stitchers

Sunday: 12.30 – 13.30

Stitching has been used as a medium for storytelling since the Bayeux Tapestry, but have you ever wondered what the stitchers themselves talked about? Skipton Stitchers (formerly Skipton Embroiderers’ Guild) have worked with the Broughton Road Women’s Group, local schools, residential care homes and community groups to bring their stories to life whilst sharing their passion for embroidery. Telling tales of journeys from Kashmir to Skipton, the Yorkshire Dales or just around the corner, their collaborative projects have found joy in small things, crossed barriers, cemented friendships and shared lots of laughs.

Claire Ketteman, together with Chairman Jill Maloney, was instrumental in setting up three community art projects for Skipton Embroiderers’ Guild.  Claire trained as a scientist and joined the group in 2010 knowing only 3 basic stitches, eventually becoming Chairman in 2017.  She is a self-taught embroiderer who now shares her passion through classes and workshops.

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