In Conversation with Dedri Uys


Creative Conversations at Yarndale

Sunday: 12:30 – 13:30

Introduced by Matt Farci, this is an enlightening talk and creative conversation with Scheepjes Blogger and designer Dedri Uys. Dedri will share her insight on all things crochet, with a live Q & A to answer your most pressing crafting questions as well as share insight on her creative process.

Dedri Uys
Hi, my name is Dedri, and I am the designer behind “Look At What I Made”. By day I am a radiotherapist, a mum to 3 gorgeous young boys and one playful puppy, not to mention a wife to a very handsome and kind-hearted husband.
I love to crochet, but more than that, I love to teach other people to crochet and to love it as much as I do.
My granny taught me to crochet when I was a small girl, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second son that I picked up my hook again.
Since then, I’ve designed many patterns, from puzzle balls to my Sophies Universe blanket. I’m currently working alongside a large community of crafters on my latest blanket design, Charlotte.
I draw inspiration from all around. I’m particularly inspired by the many things I grow in my garden, alongside random glimpses of graffiti when I’m strolling through the city. Above all, though, colour is my biggest source of inspiration. Any colour, any combination. The more colour, the merrier!

Matt Farci
Hi there!
I have a passion for vibrant colours and fun makes, which means I’ve always got a project on the go and an idea or two swimming around in my head. I love to work on crochet patterns that teach me new techniques and challenge me to think outside of the box.
Alongside working on my projects, I have a real passion for photographing my work. I enjoy this almost as much as working on the actual projects, and I love to share my projects and photography over on my website and on Instagram.

What started as a hobby has turned into a great big adventure, and I’m proud (and lucky) to say that I get to spend my days talking with designers and planning lots of exciting projects within my full-time role at Scheepjes.
Once again, I’m super excited to be paying Skipton a visit at this year’s Yarndale!

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