Knitting Like The Old Handknitters Of The Dales


With Ann Kingstone of Ann Kingstone Designs

Sunday: 13.30 – 15.30

Learn to knit in the old Yorkshire Dales way with a “knitting sheath”. Ann will share her collection of antique knitting sheaths. She will also teach you how to identify a Yorkshire knitting sheath and how to determine which part of Yorkshire it comes from. This is a hands-on class, so you will also get to try out knitting sheaths from Ann’s collection with guidance from Ann on how to use them to speed up your knitting.

Participants will be provided with needles and yarn to use in class.

Please bring a belt.

Ann Kingstone is a British designer based in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, her lifelong home. Her designs are generally inspired by the history, literature, and traditions of her native country and its neighbours. A love of the technology of the knitting process leads her to interpret these using the most up-to-date hand-knitting techniques.

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