Secrets of Spindle Spinning


with Ruth Jenkins of Slow Yarn Spinners

Sunday: 10.00 – 11.30

This beginners workshop will guide you through all the basics of spinning yarn with a drop spindle. It will cover how to hold fibre and spindle, how twisting fibre works to create yarn and what makes wool such a good fibre to spin. There will be tips on spinning yarns for knitting, crochet or weaving plus a little mythology thrown in.

Participants will receive all materials including spindle, sustainably sourced Blue Faced Leicester fibre and a cotton bag.

Ruth has been yarn obsessed for over ten years. Three years ago she started The Slow Yarn Spinner running workshops and online spinning courses to share her love of creating slow sustainable textiles. She is ever curious about spinning past, present and future. Her workshops weave together her passion for wool, with creativity and deep knowledge of this heritage craft.

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