Tunisian Crochet – Intarsia with Sharon (SATURDAY PM)


Saturday 28th September
1.00pm – 3.00pm

Tunisian Intarsia is a fun technique, perfect for creating colourful pieces such as blankets, cushions and bags. It’s also satisfyingly quick to do! Tunisian Simple Stitch is great for colourwork – the stitches are almost square and work well for creating ‘picture’ blankets (also known as ‘graphghans’).

In the workshop you will learn how to work with multiple colours, manage multiple balls of yarn and how to change colours neatly on the forward and return pass.
You will also learn a ‘join as you go’ technique which allows you to work pieces in ‘strips’. I find this a much nicer way to create large blankets as you don’t have to use a long interchangeable hook and you don’t need to manage lots of different balls of yarn at the same time! The join is also very neat and sturdy.

Tunisian crochet hook and yarn included.

We will be making one small square which you could use as a mug rug/plant pot coaster.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of Tunisian crochet. If you are familiar with Tunisian Simple Stitch, you will be fine!

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