How the idea was born…

Posted on September 13, 2012 · Posted in News

At the very top of Skipton’s beautiful High street there is a health food shop with a rather wonderful little vegetarian cafe on the first floor above. As you walk up the narrow stairs, you are greeted by the most delicious scent of home cooked food and great coffee. Mmmmmmmm!

The cafe is small but perfectly formed. Colourful painted chairs, lovely scrubbed pine tables, some ancient old church pews. Crocheted cushions, knitted bunting, peg rails strung with old enamel jugs and handmade decorations. And then there is the sound too. The sound of happy chatter and clinking cups. This is a popular cafe to visit for morning coffee and cake, or a scrumptious lunch with friends. But every Thursday morning, the chatter and laughter is extra noisy and the consumption of coffee is extra high as the cafe hosts its thriving Knit and Natter mornings.

Any gathering of like-minded woolly folk is always a good thing in my opinion, and the enjoyment of sharing a creative passion with others is not to be underestimated. There is such a lot of fun and pleasure to be had when solitary crafting finds it’s way into a social situation

Knit and natter at Wild Oats cafe was first started by the cafe’s owner Carole in 2007. The group was small back then with just a few happy knitters and crocheters meeting once a month. Five years on, and the group has grown considerably. We no longer sit at one small table, but take over three large tables all pushed together. The chat and laughter is rather loud at times it has to be said, yes we do like to have a good laugh while we knit stitch and hook!

Over the years there have been some lovely celebrations within our friendly group. We have seen one of our lovely ladies following her dream and opening up her very own wool shop. We have combated illness, celebrated birthdays and welcomed new babies. Yes, we have certainly chattered and stitched our way through the many ups and downs of everyday life, but inevitably the chat around the table always comes back to one thing :: YARN! Yarn is the common thread that brought us all together around the table(s) in the first place. It’s the common ground, the passion that we all share. And it’s bloomin’ marvellous!

So how did the idea of Yarndale actually come about? Well, it began as a stream of happy chit-chat, a little nugget of an idea that was talked about one Spring day over a coffee or two. Wouldn’t it be great if there happened to be an annual Yarn Festival in our area? Something inspiring and creative where we could see/buy/stroke lots and lots and lots of gorgeous wool? And yes wouldn’t it be super if there were also artists and crafts people there who worked with yarns? Wouldn’t it be just Fab-u-lous if we could go all out to celebrate and indulge our love of yarn and all the joy it brings us?

And there and then the idea was born. A Yarn Festival! A great big woolly celebration! Yaaayyyy!!!! The idea grew and gathered momentum and it became more than just an idea. It gradually evolved into a great possibility and something that a small and VERY enthusiastic group of us felt we could really make happen.

So Yarndale was created and here we are. We are a group of seven, five ladies and two men. Most of us Love yarn, like really adore the stuff. A couple of us are non-yarny folk who bring vital business and organisational skills to our group. And we all very much want to make Yarndale into an exciting, inspiring and wonderful event for all who exhibit and visit. We can’t wait for it to happen…..roll on September 2013!