The Yarndale Community

We are very much aware of the lack of diversity in the crafting industry as a whole. Yarndale is becoming increasingly more diverse and we are committed to ensuring that this trend continues. 

This year’s Yarndale will take place at the Auction Mart with an accompanying online element and we see this as an excellent opportunity to reach a wider and more diverse audience across the whole of the fibre arts community and beyond.

We are committed to inclusivity and aim to contribute to the change that is necessary to make this industry as diverse as the community it serves.

Application Process / Exhibitors

We work hard to make Yarndale as creative and inspirational as possible by including a broad range of exhibitors who demonstrate a wide variety of skills and products. 

Our focus is and has always been about creativity, quality and presentation of the product. We are passionate about championing and celebrating all talented artists from all backgrounds and welcome applications from all exhibitors.

In terms of our selection criteria, our exhibitors are selected and treated purely, and only, on the basis of the originality and creativity of their products.

We welcome back familiar faces and hope to attract new ones to ensure each show is vibrant and fresh for both our regular and new visitors. Though we try to squeeze in as many exhibitors as we can to ensure a varied and excellent show, numbers are limited by the space we have available.

(Updated 29th June 2021)