Occasionally stands do become available. If you wish to join our waiting list, please complete the Waiting List Application Form here

All exhibitors for Yarndale 2022 will be chosen by a selection process and taken on merit of the product only.

Yarndale takes place in Skipton Auction Mart, a working auction mart with regular livestock sales on Gargrave Road in Skipton. Every effort will be made to ensure the mart is as clean as possible of course! It can get a bit chilly due to the openness and ventilation of the building and the floor is uneven in places.

Yarndale will take place this year on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022. Exhibitors must commit to exhibiting on both days. The show is open to the public from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and 10am – 4.30pm on Sunday.

Set up time is from 2pm – 8pm on Friday 23rd September and break down is from close of show on Sunday.

No children are allowed on site during the set up and break down stages.

The livestock pens in the auction mart are transformed into exhibition stands. These metal gated pens are available in different sizes.

You can see the stand sizes and their respective costs here.

For the Terms & Conditions, click here. 


Celebrating our 10th Birthday and with the generous support of Amanda Bloom of Cosy Life boxes, Yarndale is offering a Start Up Bursary this year.

A single pen at Yarndale 2022 to be awarded to an emerging fibre artist / maker. This offer is open to someone working in any discipline with a strong connection to wool or natural fibres.


Each year, the Yarndale team takes great pleasure in awarding an exhibitor the accolade of Yarndale Best Stand.

Previous best stand winners have cleverly and imaginatively created a space within the functional framework of the pens to showcase their work and their individual style. Their unique personality has really shone through and each stand has offered an inviting space for visitors to step into out of the bustling aisles.

All the winners have been different each year in terms of style, but each stand has been beautifully well presented and well organised.

To provide some inspiration for your stand, here are all the Best Stand Winners from 2013 – 2021.

2021 | Dusty Dimples.

A beautifully simple, clear stand. Well thought through in terms of access and social distancing / Covid measures. There was plenty of space for visitors to the stand to browse the products on and good access for people using wheelchairs /mobility aids etc.

2020 | Caithness Yarns

This was a virtual stand chosen as a result of public feedback. Graeme’s passion for his sheep and his work shone through via his live Instagram videos and presentations.

2019 | Injabulo

Beautifully displayed, using every inch of the stand infrastructure. The products were eye catching and visually stunning.

2018 | Gam Farm

Very well displayed, great homemade bunting and name badges, all cleverly co-ordinated with a handmade feel.

2017 | Baa Ram Ewe

Great use of the pen bars to display their wares. Plus a good system of stacking their wooden boxes of wool. It was well spaced and well presented, with no plastic.

2016 | Ananuca

Glorious Autumnal colours featured on the stand and on Liz, the owner. The stand worked well with wooden display frames and boxes as well as lovely baskets. The bunting welcomed visitors in. There was no plastic.

2015 | Little Grey Sheep

Beautifully clean and simple and incredibly effective as a result. There was no plastic.

2014 | John Arbon Textiles

The focus was the stand as a whole. It was very well thought through and well presented. The bins were very effective and there was no plastic.

2013 | Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop.

Our first show felt quite overwhelming – with so many fabulous products on display and so many to choose from. This stand stood out as just simplicity itself.

Because we are passionate about sustainability, we ask that our exhibitors share our sustainability aims and consider the environment in their use of packaging and materials. Keen to reduce our use of plastic we encourage reusable and recyclable materials

We want to ensure that Yarndale is as widely inclusive, diverse and accessible as possible. We hope everyone involved in the show will support us so the show can be enjoyed by all, whether in person or online. 

Last but not least, we enjoy working with exhibitors and suppliers who demonstrate good practice in terms of adhering to Health and Safety guidelines.

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We also have an online option [email protected], which allows you to demonstrate your products and your personality to our online audience (home and abroad) through a series of videos and live social media sessions.

More information about this will follow, but if you are interested in exhibiting at [email protected] alone and not the actual show, please email: [email protected]