We hope the following information will help everyone plan for the show.


The show is held at:
Skipton Auction Mart
Gargrave Road
North Yorkshire
BD23 1UD

Show Opening Times:

  • Saturday 28th September 10am – 5.30pm
  • Sunday 29th September 10am – 4.30pm
Please note:
  • No-one under the age of 16 can be allowed on site during the build or break down of the event. There are no crèche facilities available at the venue so please ensure that if you have children with you that you have made appropriate off site arrangements for these periods.
  • We support those who wish to wear face masks/coverings and we encourage the provision of hand sanitiser on stands.

Set up times:

Access to the mart for setting up is between 2pm and 8pm on Friday 27th September. The mart will close promptly at 8pm. Please do not arrive early and expect to set up before 2pm. 

Please set off early and allow plenty of time to ensure your set up is complete by 8pm.

Access on show days is from 8am and stands must be ready by 9.30am.

Stands can be restocked from:

  • 5.30pm – 6.30pm on Saturday
  • 8.00am – 9.30am on Sunday


Parking at the venue is extremely limited. Please travel in one vehicle where possible. Please park your vehicle in the allotted exhibitor parking area as directed by the stewards.

Accessible Parking:

There is designated accessible parking near the Wharfedale Entrance to the venue. Please park as directed by the Stewards.

Exhibitor Accreditation

Exhibitor’s must wear the official Yarndale accreditation at all times to ensure access to the building and exhibitor only toilets. Exhibitors will receive the following free passes on registration:

  • Single stand – 2 passes
  • Double stand – 3 passes
  • Triple stand – 4 passes
  • Quadruple stand – 5 passes

Additional passes may be purchased at £12.50 each (exc VAT) when submitting the application form.

Exhibitor Stand sizes:

  • Single  2.7m wide
  • Double 5.4m wide
  • Triple 8.1m wide
  • Quad (linear) 10.8m wide

Stands are approximately 3m deep formed by metal barred gates on three sides at 1.5 metres high. A handful of stands will have a solid back wall with no bars to hang items or display from.

Stands, stand dressing/displays or exhibits must not exceed 2.5m in height.

New Business Stands

We are keen to give businesses who are new to Yarndale the opportunity to enjoy the platform afforded by exhibiting at a large show. To support small businesses to take the steps to exhibit at a wide reaching event and have made available single spaces at a lower rate.

These stands are the same approximate size as a single pen: 3m deep x 2.7m wide.

Stand set up

Stands should allow as much space as possible for everyone to feel comfortable browsing. Consider access for all and allow space for wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters. Please ensure hand sanitiser is available for visitors to use throughout the weekend.

Break down and get out on Sunday

We need to vacate the mart by 6.30pm on Sunday evening in order for the mart to be re-jigged for a large sheep sale the following day.

Please wait for announcements giving clearance once all visitors have departed following the close of show before starting to remove any items and dismantling your stand.

Please ensure you remove all rubbish from your stand and take all your recycling home with you.

Tables and Chairs

Trestle tables and chairs can be ordered when booking your stand. They will be at your stand ready for your arrival. At the end of the event on Sunday evening, please ensure tables and chairs are as you found them on arrival – collapsed and stacked neatly within your stand.

Tables are 6’ x 2’6” /1.8m x 0.6m. They can be rough and are likely to need covering. 


Stand fees & furniture hire payment must be paid as stated on the invoice which will be emailed to the email address supplied on application.

Stands are not confirmed until payment is received in full. If payment is not received promptly, Yarndale reserves the right to reallocate the stand.

Public Liability Insurance

Proof of Public Liability Insurance of at least £5 million, such as a copy of the certificate including the dates of the policy must be sent as requested. The policy must cover the set-up day and both show days and all activities at the show.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment specifically for exhibiting at Yarndale 2024 must be completed, signed, dated and submitted as requested.

If the requested paperwork is not received promptly, Yarndale reserves the right to reallocate the stand.

Best Stand in Show

The Yarndale team will choose the stand they deem to be ‘best in show’.  Please make your stand is as visually enticing as you can and you could be the winner of a free single stand next year (you can of course add to this) and an article which will be published in the following year’s show brochure.

Yarndale Brochure

All Yarndale exhibitors will be listed in the show brochure given to visitors to the show and available on the Yarndale website.

Exhibitors also have the opportunity to advertise in the brochure. Full details are on the Exhibitor Application Form.

General notes

Yarndale is held in a working auction mart. The pen/stand area has slatted walls and can be cold – particularly in the morning and evening when there are few people around. Ensure you have appropriate clothing.

Please wear appropriate sturdy footwear, particularly for the build and break down/get out. The concrete floor is uneven with ridges in places. Please take care at all times and particularly if the weather is wet.

It is advisable to cover your goods overnight due to birds flying around the venue.

We are reducing our use of single use plastic and hope you will join us in our efforts. Please bring re-usable water bottles and cups to use across the show weekend.

Please note there is no electricity supply to any of the stands. The auction mart has excellent natural and overhead lighting


WiFi is available at Yarndale for a small charge. It does not reach all stands so please check coverage and ensure that you set this up on Friday. 4G mobile coverage is generally good throughout and may be more reliable. Vodafone and O2 are best.


Yarndale was conceived to sing out about wool, the brilliantly versatile natural and renewable resource that grows in abundance around us, here on the hills of the Yorkshire Dales. We want to shine a light on small scale producers, on locally sourced wool, ideally from native breeds.

We are committed to working sustainably. We re-use and recycle. We work with local suppliers wherever possible to make the show happen, from our hires to working with local printers and locally sourced and produced wool in our shop.

We don’t know everything, and we are far from perfect, but we strive to do what we reasonably can to ensure we do as little damage to our planet as we can. And we encourage you all to consider what you can do to ensure we all tread as lightly as we can on our planet.

We encourage everyone to consider their own actions, to think about the wool for the projects they choose to make and consider the impact on the planet of their actions. We ask that our exhibitors consider their impact in the design of stands and reuse where possible. It is less so, we are still shocked by what gets thrown away after the show each year.

Please bring re-usable water bottles and cups to use across the show weekend.

There are many ways we can each do something, and by working together can make a greater difference.

Yarndale 2024

Applications for Yarndale 2024 are now closed. 

Our waiting list is open here. We will contact successful / suitable applicants if space becomes available


Single Pen

View of the venue outside the Wharfedale Entrance

View of the venue outside the Littondale Entrance

Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions “Organisers” means Yarndale Ltd; “Exhibitor” means any person, company or organisation and the staff or agents of that company taking a pen or pens; “Event” means Yarndale; “Venue” means Skipton Auction Mart (The Mart)

2. Contract

2.1 Once applications have been considered and where acceptance is confirmed it is deemed that the signed application form is a binding confirmation of the Exhibitor’s commitment to take the space applied for and of the Exhibitor’s acceptance of these booking terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy.

2.2 The Exhibitor accepts the prices and terms set out on the application form

2.3 The Exhibitor accepts all requirements contained in these terms and conditions

2.4 The Exhibitor accepts all regulations laid down by the local authority applicable to the Event and Venue and all regulations laid down by the Organisers including but not limited to security, health and safety, fire procedures and in general all current Health & Safety regulations.

3. Exhibition floor plan

3.1 The Organisers reserve the right to alter the floor plan at the Mart at any time up to and including the arrival of the Exhibitors.

3.2 The exact size of the pens allocated may vary slightly in size from the dimensions given in the application form depending upon the location within the Mart. Pens are generally 3.3m deep. A single pen 2.7m wide, double 5.4m wide, triple 8.1m wide and linear quad 10.8m wide. There are a limited number of square quads approx. 5.4m x 5.4m

3.3 The Exhibitor’s displays and stock must stay within the boundaries of the pen and must not spread into walkways. Cable ties are used to secure unused gates and these ties must remain intact.

4. Health and Safety

4.1 It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that their staff abide with all current Health and Safety regulations. They are also responsible for health and safety on their stand during the event.

4.2 Please ensure that you have emailed your completed Yarndale Risk Assessment to [email protected] 

5. Insurance/Security

5.1 Each exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of their own stand and its

contents. Yarndale will provide overnight security on Friday and Saturday nights.

5.2 Each exhibitor must provide evidence of public liability insurance, if asked for by any

of the Yarndale team or their representatives. This cover must be a minimum of £5 million.

6. Setting up and breaking down

6.1 Access to the Mart for setting up will be from 2pm to 8pm on Friday

Please do not arrive early and expect to set up before 2pm. You will be able to use the main cafe from 12 noon and wait until the mart is safe for setting up.

6.2 The dismantling of the stands or removal of any items from them must not commence until the show closes at 4.30pm on Sunday. Everything must be clear by 6.30pm

6.3 All tables and chairs supplied must be collapsed and placed at the front of the pen where they were left originally.

6.4 All rubbish must be removed from the stand space and either taken away or placed in the skips provided.

7. Accreditation

7.1 All exhibitors and their staff must wear the official accreditation issued at registration.

7.2 The official accreditation is not transferrable.

8. Payment terms

8.1 Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.

8.2 The Organisers reserve the right to re-allocate exhibition space if payment in full is not received as specified.  No reminders will be issued.

9. Cancellation by the Exhibitor

9.1 In the event an exhibitor wishes to cancel a booking, reimbursement of fees paid will be as follows:
Cancellation up to 3 months prior to the get in day, a full refund will be given.

Cancellation up to 2 months prior to the get in day, 50% refund will be given.

Cancellation within 2 months of the get in day, no refund will be given.

10. Force majeure

10.1 If the Event is abandoned, cancelled, or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock out, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non- availability of the venue, royal mourning or any other cause not within the control of the Organisers, the Organisers may at their discretion repay the space fees and charges for hire of furniture paid by the exhibitor, or part thereof, but shall be under no obligation to do so. The Organisers shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses), costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor, as a result of the happening of such an event.

11. General

11.1 Each exhibitor shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and is bound by them in all respects.11.2 Any abuse, verbal or otherwise, directed at any Yarndale organiser or their agents will have an adverse effect any future applications which may be made to Yarndale.

11.3 Failure to observe any of the above conditions will be taken into consideration when deciding on applications made in future years.