Our Yarndale Sheep

We are very proud to introduce to you our new sheep for Yarndale 2022, Tristen, as featured on our 2022 Postcard.  

It’s a very special sheep as it will help us mark and celebrate our 10th Birthday. 

After asking for your help in suggesting a name, we decided on Tristen as we liked the fact it had a ‘ten’ in the name. Tristen is a gender-neutral name of Welsh origin meaning bold, evoking ambition, uniqueness and wholeheartedness which we thought was fitting. 

Every year, we create a new sheep to be the mascot for Yarndale and over the past 10 years, our sheep have become a part of the Yarndale flock and take pride of place at every show. 

Deciding on the sheep each year is a team affair.  We decide on a style and colour and then follows the lengthy task of creating a woolly life size sheep to bring the ideas to life.  

Our sheep and their colours have inspired a collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners who produce our very own sock yarn.  We now have four exclusive colourways – Hope (2020), Barbara (2019), Nigel (2018) and Maude (2021) which launched this year. 

Below, you will see brochure covers from the past 10 Yarndale shows featuring all our sheep. How many brochures have you collected over the years?