“This was my fouth visit to Yarndale , due to covid i had been nervous about attending but was reassured by all the information shared on your website . The event was very well organized and to be honest i thought it was the best yet .

My daughter who teaches textiles attended with me it was her first visit and she was blown away by the number and variety of exhibits , how very friendly and helpful exhibitors were and the general friendly relaxed atmosphere of the event , Can’t wait for next year.”

“The event was really well organised, timed entry eased my anxiety and mental health, I was able to enjoy the exhibition for a period of time before it got too busy. Exhibitors were varied and all interesting. Tickets prices were very reasonable, and seating areas were very much appreciated.

I loved the Yarndale shop, and able to buy a shopper before I started going round to show so I could save on bags/plastic footprint. Just want to say I had an excellent time and I cannot WAIT until next year. So many projects to dream up. It may seem odd, but coming to this event has really helped my mental health and confidence in attending events, but having projects on the go to keep my mental health good is key. Thank you for an excellent show!!!”

“I LOVED Yarndale this year. It didn’t feel as busy somehow. I loved all the stalls. I spent a fortune. I came with my carer and my autistic daughter. They both really enjoyed it. Thank for putting on a great show!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it as always. We all appreciated the extra seating there was about. Thank You.”

“I come every year with three of my daughters we love it all the atmosphere and talking to the exhibitors and being able to touch and see the colours of the wool and the sheep and alpacas.”

“It was brilliant – such a nice atmosphere! All the stallholders were friendly and the security people were lovely too! It’s great to speak to the pattern designers and discussing yarn with people from all over the UK. I love the workshops learning a new skill. I can imagine the hard work involved in organising and just want to say it is much appreciated – thank you.”

“It took me 7 trains to get from Lincolnshire to Yarndale and back – but was absolutely 100% worth it! The shuttle bus to and from the station was particularly helpful too. Thank you to all the organisers for their hard work in difficult COVID circumstances.”

“Congratulations on making me feel safe in these uncertain times. It was a well organised event and lived up to my (high!) expectations. This was my first “event” and I was relieved that I felt so comfortable. Thanks.”

“Congratulations on making me feel safe in these uncertain times. It was a well organised event and lived up to my (high!) expectations. This was my first “event” and I was relieved that I felt so comfortable. Thanks.”

“Loved the show, felt very covid safe”.

“Excellent show. Timed tickets made it less congested and a better experience.”

“Very happy with the numbers of people inside the auction mart, and very happy with the number of toilets and how clean they were kept by the very hardworking operative.”

“I loved all the colour at this year’s show, it was fabulous to see. I loved the fact that the show felt ‘normal’. It was all very lovely and inspiring, the most enjoyable day out in a very long time.”

“It was just lovely to attend the event in person again this year. We (my two friends and I) felt very safe in these uncertain times, we thought that the Yarndale team and exhibitors had gone above and beyond to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable event. Already booked our accommodation for next year!”

“I came with my teenage daughter who is autistic and agraphobic. I emailed about parking because we needed to park nearby. I had a really helpful email back. We were also allowed to use the accessible entrance as she struggles with noise and queues. We really appreciate the extra help. Heather found the timed entry very useful because the event was a lot less crowded.

She hasn’t been able to come in the past due to crowds and noise. I also wanted to give a big shout out to rockamolly designs who gave heather some freebies and also the for the love of yarn for chatting all things autism with us. Heather has come home full of enthusiasm and is now learning lots of new knitting technices. Thank you.”

“It was good to be there amongst fellow woolly creativity enthusiasts and I bought a really lovely wool-winding thingy and some gorgeous yarn!”

“I’m recovering from breast cancer and also have several other disabilities so the parking on site and the timed entries made it more accessible for me.”

“The toilet facilities were better I have crohns and this year toilet access and availability was way better.”