We’re very pleased to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance this year and help contribute to the cost of keeping their two yellow helicopters flying across Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance as a Charity relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help save lives across Yorkshire. To keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances in the air they need to raise £12,000 per day which is equivalent to £4.4 million per year, so fundraising is vital to ensure its future.

Thank you so much from the Yarndale Team and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 

Worldwide Creative Project

One of the most exciting parts of Yarndale is the creative challenges we set – and the enthusiastic response from everyone who joins in.  

In previous years, our creative projects have involved people from all over the world and your beautiful creations have been proudly displayed at the show bringing a heart-warming visual celebration of colour, community and creativity to Skipton Auction Mart.  

Visitors have been able to walk under a kilometre of colourful woolly bunting strung from the ceiling, or gaze at a stunning array of more than a thousand crocheted mandalas for example. 

And they have helped raise awareness and much needed funds for our charity partners.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance was our chosen charity for this year.

2022 Challenge

Our challenge for you this year was to create colourful crocheted or knitted chain bunting in any colour to be displayed at this year’s Yarndale.

Carole from the Yarndale team produced a simple pattern for crocheted and knitted chain bunting with 10 links, suitable for crocheters and knitters of all abilities. 10 links for our 10th Birthday! 

Although this year’s challenge is now over, you can still create your own chain bunting and download the pattern here. 



Because this year’s Yarndale will be our 10th Birthday, we chose chain bunting as it symbolises the love of knitting, crocheting and all things woolly that links us all.

There are 10 links to celebrate our 10th Birthday. Each link represents a Yarndale show from 2013.

Yes. They should be ideally 23cm x 6.5cm.

They can be any colour of your choice.

Yes. There are no limits to how many you can make.

Yes, please leave one link open so we can join all the links together to make longer chains.

Please send them to the address below by 1st September 2022, including your name and town/country.


Hawkswick Cote Farm



BD23 5PX

Please send them by 1st September 2022.

They will be displayed at Skipton Auction Mart.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance will be a special guest at the show answering questions about the great work they do. They’ll have plenty of collection buckets and all donations will be gratefully received.

They will be kept and displayed at all future Yarndale shows.