The Patchwork Sheep

Last Summer when Yarndale became more than just a lot of excited chitter chatter, our first job was to come up with a logo. We wanted something fun and colourful, and something suitably creative and woolly.

We were very fortunate to have a super-duper local designer working with us, and over a few cups of strong coffee and some homemade flapjack, the idea of the Patchwork Sheep was born.  We all instantly fell in love with the sheep – it was colourful, fun and summed up everything that Yarndale was about.

Once the logo was in place, we put our creative minds into action for the next task in hand. We had the logo, but we needed something special to spread the word about Yarndale, something to put on postcards, leaflets and posters. We decided that it would be great if we could somehow bring our sheep logo to life and make a real patchwork sheep. Well not a  real real one, but one made out of wool. Yes, we could knit and crochet a whole heap load of colourful yarny squares and patchwork them together into a sheep shape….oh what fun!

Everyone at the knit and natter group was very excited about the project, and over a number of weeks many hands set to work with needles and hooks. It was wonderful to have so many lovely people involved, and soon there were dozens of colourful woolly squares waiting to be stitched together.

Two members of the Yarndale team took on the final stages of making the Patchwork Sheep. Carole had the task of patching all the squares together and making the legs.

And Lucy had the task of making the head. It was quite a challenge to crochet a sheep’s head!

Gradually it all came together (it was a funny moment when the head met the body for the first time!) and  the outcome was even more lovely than we had ever hoped.

The Yarndale Sheep has received a great many compliments and there have been many declarations of love. We hope that our lovely handmade  sheep will persuade lots of people to come and have some creative fun with us at Yarndale in the Autumn.

Are you coming? We look forward to seeing you!



5 thoughts on “The Patchwork Sheep

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    It’s looks wonderfull! What fun it must be to have such a group that comes together to put things like this together! Fab! I live in woolly West Wales, in fact if you go any further west you will fall in the sea! Wonderful to live here but sadly I won’t get to Yarndale this year. Please keep the stories coming though!

  2. Anthea Winterburn says:

    I love the sheep you created! I found out about Yarndale via Shiela Dixon’s Hand Spinning News. I would like to come along if I can, probably as a visitor, as, although I work with textiles (handknitting/spinning/felting and some weaving), I don’t have much in the way of stock to offer and haven’t sold any of my work yet, even though I would like to. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

  3. June Howard says:

    I have been following Attic 24 for some time and I am trying my hand at making the bunting but feel I would be better knitting the bunting and making colourful crochet flowers to decorate it. I am so excited about the work you are doing. I live near Liverpool but I will definitely be travelling to “Yarndale”. June x

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