Skipton Sheep Day

Every year on the first Sunday of July, Skipton hosts it’s annual Sheep Day event.

Sheep Day is extremely popular and folk travel from far and wide to enjoy a day of lighthearted fun and games. There is a wide range of entertainments running throughout the day :: sheep racing, sheep sheering demonstrations, a petting zoo, rare breed sheep, fairground rides and market stalls all jostle for position in the busy High Street.

As you would expect, there are plenty of real live sheep to see…..

….and this year there was also this gorgeous, colourful creature attracting his fair share of admiration and attention.

Yes, the Yarndale team simply had to be a part of Sheep Day, how could we not?! It was a scorching hot day, but luckily we had secured a bright and cheerful gazebo to give us some much needed shade. Here is Emma getting our stall ready for the show, spreading out our lovely Yarndale bags….

 ….we hope you’ve already got yourself one of our bags, aren’t they fab? Not only do they look good, but they hold a delicious amount of yarn. If you haven’t already got yours, you can hot-foot it to the Yarndale Shop and buy one, we deliver worldwide with FREE P&P (aren’t we good?!)

We had a lot of fun dressing up our gazebo with plenty of colourful yarny stuff. Sheila had made reams of this lovely crochet rainbow bunting (during a lengthy coach journey to Scotland), and it looked amazing all strung up.

Here we are look, 3/7ths of the Yarndale team. From left to right :: Lucy, Emma and Sheila, all self confessed yarn-o-holics!

The day soon got into full swing and the crowds began arriving.

We had a wonderful time chatting to visitors, spreading the word about Yarndale and swapping yarny stories.

We gave out lots of our beautiful postcards…..

….and we even found a little bit of creative time to work on our projects. This is Emma, working up the final few rows of a gorgeous rainbow ripple blanket for her youngest daughter.

All in all, a really lovely, fun day. Sunshine, friendly chatter and yarn….what more could you ask for?!

One thought on “Skipton Sheep Day

  1. Lynn Massey says:

    Am just getting ready to leave Turton (North Bolton) for my trip to Yarndale. I was wondering if you could put me on your list for taking part next year? I am an ‘Art Textile person who makes items in felt – bags, scarves, garments and small items. I am slowly getting ‘off the ground’ and my items seem to be popular and so I would love to take my work to a wider audience.
    Please do not hold the fact that I am of Lancashire parentage against me!! )LOL) Both my parents were cotton mill people (ring spinners) and I was born in Canada!
    I so am looking forward to the day!

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