By celebrating all things woolly and wonderful, it is Yarndale’s mission to inspire creativity and share the love of yarn.

Lockdown has been difficult for so many people on so many different levels, but we know from speaking to members of the Yarndale community that knitting and crocheting has been a source of relaxation and therapy during these challenging times. There is something inherently soothing in the calm repetition of the creating process, and something very joyful and satisfying when seeing the finished result.

The Yarndale team is passionate about encouraging people to start a new skill or have a go at something different. We are aware that the pandemic has fuelled an interest in starting to knit and crochet, but people may be uncertain about where to start, what they may need or how to get going with the process.

Yarndale Make Along With Emma Video

For this reason, we are launching our own Yarndale Make Along With…. series of videos where Emma and other members of the Yarndale team will share their creative makes, step-by-step, to help you make yours.

In the first video, Emma follows her own crochet pattern to create a simple, yet incredibly versatile, cotton cloth.

Not only environmentally friendly, this cloth is practical, durable, easy to wash and can be used as a facecloth, dishcloth or general cleaning cloth.

You can join along the process together with Emma in real time to create your own cotton cloth, or simply watch to unwind.

The pattern and Yarndale Make Along With…. video is suitable for beginners as well as crocheters of all abilities and is available on our YouTube channel (search Yarndale – Official) or click here to watch.

Yarndale Make Along With… Kits

To support the videos, we are also offering specific Yarndale Make Along With… Kits.

The first Yarndale Make Along With Emma Crochet Kit contains everything a crochet beginner needs to get started and be able to crochet Emma’s cotton cloth.

The Crochet Kit comprises:

  • A 4mm crochet hook
  • A ball of Cream Cottonsoft DK Yarn from King Cole (for the cloth)
  • Red Cottonsoft DK Yarn from King Cole (for the trim. There is enough red yarn to trim 2 cotton cloths)
  • Emma’s pattern
  • A Hope Zip Bag
For more information, please click here

Worldwide Creative Project

One of the most exciting parts of Yarndale is the creative challenges we set and the enthusiastic response from everyone who joins in, and we certainly weren’t disappointed when we set the challenge for 2020.

The challenge involves the simple cotton cloths featured in Emma’s video; we asked the Yarndale community to make their own colourful cloths to raise money for Martin House Hospice Care, our chosen charity for 2020 and we have been loving seeing the response to this appeal, with cloths arriving from all over the world.

All the cloths we’ve received will be sold at Yarndale 2021 in order to support this fabulous charity.

Maybe Emma’s video will inspire you?

For more information about this project, please click here.